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Lovingly known in the Pacific North West as the "Duff Cannon" the Trail Boss leaf rake head is a spring-type rake suitable for raking small debris from the trail bed, plus some light scraping and finishing maintenance activities. It is designed and constructed with quality industrial materials and methods for strength and durability. [Handle not included.]


Our leaf rake utilizes the popular 20" wide Groundskeeper II rake head. The rake consists of 28 spring-steel tines fixed to a strong co-polymer molded body. The Trail Boss aluminum anodized coupling is bonded to an aluminum sleeve and fastened to the head with stainless steel hardware. This rake is very effective at clearing leaves, sticks, rocks and other small debris from the trail bed. The tines are replaceable.

Note: The rake width can be reduced for better packability by cutting-off a section from either side. For example, cutting 4 tines from each side makes the overall width 16"(400mm) to match the 16" Handle Segment length. We're happy to do this modification when you order, or you can easily do it yourself with a hacksaw.

Head size: 21”(530mm) wide x 12”(300mm) long
Blade material: Replaceable spring steel tines, molded co-polymer body
Trail Boss coupling: CNC machined and anodized aircraft aluminum coupling
Mounting hardware: Stainless steel 5mm bolt
Weight: 21oz (600gms)