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The Trail Boss 3-Piece Handle is a full-length handle consisting of three pieces: one grip handle and two handle segments. An optional steel handle segment replacing one of the standard fiberglass segments is available. Trail Boss multi-segment handles typically have a grip handle connected to one or more handle segments, ready to mount a tool head on the end. The handle segments are designed and constructed using proven industrial methods and materials for strength and durability.


Handle segments use pultruded structural fiberglass tube (or optional alloy steel tube) epoxy-bonded to CNC machined and anodized aircraft-grade aluminum Trail Boss couplings. Segments attach to each other and to Trail Boss heads using our patented interlocking coupling system. Grip handles have a comfortable hand grip on one end and a coupling on the other end. The couplings are universal for all Trail Boss components, providing unlimited configurations of handles and heads.

One 16”(400mm) Grip Handle

Plus your choice of:
Option 1:
Two 16”(400mm) Handle Segments
Option 2:
One 16”(400mm) Handle Segment
One 16”(400mm) Steel Handle Segment
Assembled Length: 3 x 16”(400mm) for a 48”(1200mm) overall length

Weight: Standard Set: 2lbs 8oz (1.130kg)

Steel Upgrade Set: 2lbs 10oz (1.198kg)