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The Trail Boss steel handle segment is a steel-tubed alternative to the Trail Boss fiberglass tube handle segment. Additionally the head-end coupling is mechanically fastened to the handle tube.

It is usually used as a tougher alternative to the lower fiberglass segment in a multi-segment Trail Boss handle. As with the other handle segments, it is designed and constructed with quality industrial materials and methods for strength and durability. Available in a variety of lengths to make a customized packable tool handle that fits you and your trails.

Note: We recommend using one steel segment on the lower tool-end of a handle, with fiberglass segments for the rest, to get the best mix of steel durability and fiberglass comfort.


Steel handle segments are constructed with 4130 chromoly steel tube bonded to CNC machined and anodized aircraft-grade aluminum using high-strength epoxy. Steel segments additionally have the head-end coupling mechanically bolted to the steel tube, and the coupling collar is made from stainless steel. Handle segments attach to other segments and to Trail Boss heads using our patented interlocking coupling system. The couplings are universal for all Trail Boss components providing unlimited configurations of handles and heads. Mix and match to meet your specific requirements.

Handle tube: Black powder-coated 4130 chromoly steel tube
Trail Boss couplings: Two CNC machined and anodized aircraft aluminum couplings epoxy-bonded to the steel tube using aerospace bonded joint methodology, with additional mechanical fastening on the head-end, and stainless steel collar
Available in lengths: 16”/400mm
Weight: 17oz/465g