We offer a 5 year Limited Replacement Warranty. That means that for 5 years after the shipping/pick-up date we will replace any pieces that are defective or fail under normal use. "Normal use" means the tool was used for its intended purpose of trail maintenance and construction. The intended purpose is somewhat dictated by the heads that attach to the handle, whether that's a shovel, a digging head, a saw blade, a rake, etc.  Also, we consider "normal" to be that the tool is used sensibly by the user, as someone would typically use any hand tool, with an eye towards not abusing it.
Of course all this begs the question: what is "abuse"? Here's a short representative list of abusive uses:
  • Prying on rocks and roots until the handle breaks (while the handle is pretty strong, it's not a pry bar).
  • Over-striking the couplings or handle segments against hard objects such as rocks or roots (the handle is not a hammer).
  • Driving your sprinter van over the handle (the handle is not a bridge support).
  • Obvious lack of basic maintenance of the couplings (occasionally clean and lube, please).
  • Excessive sharpening/re-grinding digging edges, until the tool head is nearly gone (yes, surprisingly that is sometimes a thing).

Should you find yourself in need of some warranty or repair please reach out to us! It doesn't matter if your tool is broken, damaged, or just in need of some refurbishment let us know and we can discuss the range of options available to you.  info@trailbossusa.com