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The Trail Boss McLeod head is a narrower and more packable version of the venerable McLeod tool. With rake tines on one side and a cutting/digging blade on the other, the McLeod is suitable for both initial trail development and finishing and maintenance activities.

The narrower width is easier to dig beneath the trail surface compared to a standard-width McLeod, making it applicable on a broad range of trail projects. It is designed and constructed with quality industrial materials and methods for strength and durability. [Handle not included.]


Our packable McLeod is constructed from laser cut and heat treated Hardox 450 steel plate with a sharp cutting edge on the blade-side. The finish black powder coating.

The Trail Boss aluminum anodized coupling is attached with stainless steel hardware. This produces a strong and durable digging, raking and scraping tool that holds up to extreme conditions.

Blade size: 7” wide x 9” tall x 1/8” thick
Blade material: Hardox 450 steel plate, laser cut, formed, heat treated, black powder coat finish
Trail Boss coupling: CNC machined and anodized aircraft aluminum coupling
Mounting hardware: Stainless steel 10mm bolt
Weight: 32oz/900gms