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We are really excited about this new pack from Dakine. We have tried so many builder packs in the last few years and always wondered when someone (other than us) would come up with a smaller builder pack? Dakine reached out late in 2021 to discuss collaborating on a smaller builder pack and our hopes were made whole!

Here's what Dakine has to say:

This smaller, 25-liter version is designed to get you and your tools deep into remote build zones that require extensive pedaling. With ample storage for snacks, gloves, extra clothes and first-aid essentials, the Builder Pack covers the basics, while also allowing for low-center-of-gravity carriage of heavier power tools and a chainsaw. The flatbed chassis with anchors enables the pack to be configured in multiple ways for different body types and tool transport, while external straps cinch down longer tools such as rakes, Pulaskis, McLeods and the trusty 5-gallon bucket. With a sturdy, 30-millimeter waistbelt and a sternum strap with an integrated rescue whistle, weight is kept low and close to the body to give freedom of movement for pedaling. And large, zippered side pockets give storage for fuel, spare batteries and water. The 25-liter Builder Pack carries everything you need to get into the backcountry and rake in that sweet new line.


  • Next-to-back, low center-of-gravity power tool/chainsaw carry
  • Flatbed chassis with anchors allows for multiple configurations
  • Expandable, removable floating cargo pocket
  • Large zippered side pockets for fuel, spare batteries, water
  • External attachment straps
  • Fleece lined sunglass pocket
  • 30mm webbing waistbelt
  • Integrated rescue whistle/sternum strap
Material: REDLINE: 100% Recycled Polyester
Capacity: 25L
Weight: 3lbs/1.36kg
Dimensions: 19.68"/50cm x 15.74"/40cm x 3.93"/10cm
Manufacturers Website: See here for more info.