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Our made-in-house Round Point shovel has arrived. We loved our longstanding shovel but when forced to find a new source we figured, why not make it ourselves and how could we improve it? Closest to a size 0 shovel blade, our blade comes at 7.5" wide, 10" long and weighs 2.5lbs. For the weight weenies that's actually 1oz less than our old "Un-braced" shovel and a full 7oz less than our old "Braced" shovel.

This new shovel removes the need for a brace so the entire assembly has been re-designed and connects to the Trail Boss handle (same as all other Trail Boss heads). Please be aware we strongly recommend the use of a steel handle segment for any heavier digging applications. [Handle not included.]


The Round Point shovel attaches to the Trail Boss handle with a standard coupling and is good for digging, tamping, and transferring dirt (not suitable for heavy prying see our Rock Bar).

Blade size: 7.5”(190mm) wide, 10”(254mm) long, US manufactured, 12” (305mm) overall length with coupling.

Blade material: Rolled and Hardened 4130 Cro-Mo Steel.

Nut Plate: Machined, Pressed and Hardened 4130 Cro-mo Steel

Shovel Mount: CNC machined and type 3 anodized aircraft aluminum.

Trail Boss coupling: CNC machined and anodized aircraft aluminum coupling.

Mounting hardware: Stainless steel 10mm bolt. Grade 12.9: Three 5mm cap screw and one 4mm button head cap screw.

Weight: 2lbs 8oz(1138gms)