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The Trail Boss handle segment is the main component of a handle setup.
Trail Boss handles typically consist of one or more segments connected together with a grip handle on one end and a tool head on the other.

The handle segment is designed and constructed using proven industrial methods and materials for strength and durability. Segments are available in a variety of lengths to make a customized packable tool handle that fits you and your trails.


Handle segments use pultruded structural fiberglass tube and aluminum reinforcement epoxy-bonded to CNC machined and anodized aircraft-grade aluminum Trail Boss couplings. Segments attach to each other and to Trail Boss heads using our patented interlocking coupling system. The couplings are universal for all Trail Boss components, providing unlimited configurations of handles and heads. Mix and match to meet your specific requirements.

Handle tube: Pultruded structural fiberglass tube of full length woven fibers in a fire retardant and UV resistant resin, for superior strength and durability
Trail Boss couplings: Two CNC machined and anodized aircraft aluminum couplings and aluminum reinforcement epoxy-bonded to the fiberglass tube using aerospace bonded joint methodology
Available in lengths: 12”/300mm
Weight: 11oz/312gms