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The Trail Boss Trail Work Sign is designed to be easily transported and set-up at remote sites in order to help trail organizations and their builders and crews get the recognition they so well deserve, while keeping everyone safer in and around an active work zone.

The front-facing sign panel shows that trail work is ahead, and the rear panel cheers users on down the trail. Custom printing of your organization's logo on the front and back panels is included. Also, a clear plastic pocket on the back panel can display your own-printed QR code so trail users can donate to your organization (or beer fund) right there on the trail.

The top cap has a standard camera mount threaded hole, convenient for mounting: your phone (time-lapse video capture of your work or the trail?), a warning light, or a laser cannon for those users who don't slow down.

A small hook is also attached under the center hub and the sign's stuff-bag can be filled with rocks or dirt and hung from the hook to act as ballast in windy conditions.

The sign is designed to be repaired, in case an errant trail user smashes into it and the legs or panels need replacing.

Send your organization's logo to info@trailbossusa.com.

LOGO GRAPHICS are produced and applied via heat-press vinyl in black only. Send us your org's logo graphic (preferably in vector format) and without fine detail such as thin lines, tiny forms or small letter characters can be applied. Note: We can, and usually do, collaborate to arrive at a practical logo resolution.  

Logo printing will add a few days time prior to shipping. 

Material: X-Pac Panels, Cordura 1000D Nylon Bag, Delrin Hub with Aluminum Cap, Fiberglass Legs. 

Weight: 10oz/280g

Dimensions: Assembled: 21" tall x 15.5 wide, Packed: 13"x3" (533mmx394mm; 330mmx76mm)