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Heavy waxed canvas covers crafted to protect both your Trail Boss heads and the interior of your trail building pack. We designed these to replace wrapping tools in old dish towels covered in dirt that fell off inside of our packs.

Heavy duty snaps ensure the heads won't come out during transport and the waxed canvas is durable and water resistant for working in wet conditions.

Two sizes:

  • McLeod-type holds our McLeod, Hoe/Rake, Hoe/Mattock, Bench Hoe, & Hoe and the Round Point Shovel
  • Hard Rake version holds our Hard Rake and Pick/Mattock


McLeod-type: 11.5"x 8.5"x 1.5"/260mm x 203mm x 38mm

Hard Rake: 15"x 6"x 1.5" / 380mm x 152mm x 38mm


Heavy duty waxed canvas and metal snaps


3oz / 85gm