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The Custom Flat Shovel Head allows you to select a flat shovel blade of your choice, which we modify and then mount a Trail Boss adapter to. The shovel/adapter connects to a Trail Boss handle just like all the other Trail Boss heads. The shovel blade is securely mounted to the Trail Boss adapter via stainless steel bolts. [Handle not included.]

The custom shovel includes a machined aluminum "plug" inserted in the shovel's handle socket, which is first cut to a shorter length and then drilled for 4 stainless steel mounting bolts. Once the plug is securely bolted to the shovel blade a Trail Boss head adapter is bolted to the plug with a 10mm stainless steel bolt. A removable/replaceable thread protector covers the adapter's threads during transport.

You supply the shovel blade. See the list of links to shovels below. If you want something else, send us info on it first to verify we can adapt it. The easiest method is for you to order the shovel online and have it drop-shipped directly to Trail Boss. We'll take it from there and ship you the finished adapted Trail Boss head.

Blade size and material: Your choice
Trail Boss adapter: CNC machined and anodized aircraft aluminum coupling
Mounting hardware: Stainless steel 10mm bolts and 6mm cap screws
Weight: Depends on the shovel blade selected