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The 2 lb Pick/Mattock head is a sturdy cast ductile iron chunking and grubbing tool with a pick on one side and a grubbing mattock on the other. Its compact size packs well and is useful for breaking up rocks and chopping small roots when benching or cutting new alignments. The pick/mattock blade is securely mounted to a Trail Boss coupling. [Handle not included.]

We recommend using a steel handle segment with this head.


The pick/mattock’s 10” overall length and 2.75” mattock width makes it an effective compromise between packability and utility. The blade is mounted to an anodized aluminum Trail Boss saw adapter using a stainless steel bolt and aluminum wedge.

Blade size: 9”(230mm) overall width, 3”(50mm) long pick, 2.75”(70mm) wide mattock
Blade material: Cast ductile iron
Trail Boss coupling: CNC machined and anodized aircraft aluminum coupling
Mounting hardware: Stainless steel 10mm bolt with aluminum wedge
Weight: 35oz (975gms)