4-Piece Handle w/ 6 Heads


The Trail Boss 4-Piece Handle with 6 Heads has a full-length handle with the Trail Boss versions of the McLeod, Rogue 55A, saw, 2.5lb pick/mattock, Flat rake and round shovel heads. The Trail Boss multi-segment handle has a grip handle connected to three handle segments; either three standard fiberglass segments or two fiberglass and one steel segment. All components are designed and constructed using proven industrial methods and materials for strength and durability.

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Handle segments use pultruded structural fiberglass tube (or optional alloy steel tube) epoxy-bonded to CNC machined and anodized aircraft-grade aluminum Trail Boss couplings. Segments attach to each other and to Trail Boss heads using our patented interlocking coupling system. Grip handles have a comfortable hand grip on one end and a coupling on the other end. The couplings are universal for all Trail Boss components, providing unlimited configurations of handles and heads.

Heads: McLeod, Rogue 55A, Saw, 2.5lb Pick/Mattock, Flat rake, Round Shovel
One 16”(400mm) Grip Handle

Plus your choice of:
Option 1:
Three 12”/300mm) Handle Segments
Option 2:
Two 12”(300mm) Handle Segments
One 12”(300mm) Steel Handle Segment
Assembled Handle Length: 4 x 12”(300mm) for a 48”(1200mm) overall length