2.5 lb Cutter/Mattock


The 2.5lb Cutter/Mattock head is a sturdy forged steel chopping and grubbing tool with an axe-like cutter on one side and a grubbing mattock on the other; similar in configuration to a Pulaski, but somewhat lighter with a smaller axe blade. Its larger size, compared to the 2lb version, makes it a bit heavier and larger to pack but effective for chopping roots and grubbing in hard soils when benching or cutting new alignments. The cutter/mattock blade is securely mounted to a Trail Boss coupling.


The cutter/mattock’s 12” overall length and 3.75” mattock width allows for some serious chopping and grubbing in harder soils. The blade is mounted to an anodized aluminum Trail Boss saw adapter using a stainless steel bolt and aluminum wedge.

Blade size: 12”(300mm) overall width, 2”(50mm) wide cutter, 3.75”(95mm) wide mattock
Blade material: Forged steel
Trail Boss coupling: CNC machined and anodized aircraft aluminum coupling
Mounting hardware: Stainless steel 10mm bolt with aluminum wedge
Weight: 50oz(1450gms)