We’re a tiny company that builds a trail tool in our small hometown of Bellingham, WA.

We ride and run and sometimes hike trails pretty much every day. In a way, we live for trails — getting out on them, and building, maintaining and advocating for them.

More specifically, we live for singletrack trails because that’s the best way to be in the natural world. Not that wide raised-gravel trails are bad; they’re not. We just like getting into more remote places with less impact. So to us that means hand-built singletrack. Naturally they need upkeep and occasional re-routing, and sometimes a new trail needs building.

It’s our belief that this type of work should be done right and done continuously for the sake of both trail users and for the health and beauty of the places they serve.

That’s what we’re about. We help the world’s most dedicated trail workers craft and care for the trails they love by making a packable tool that lasts.


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